Painting the Estuary - 2016-01-14 12:43:09

Anyone  looking at this site may wonder which direction will she go in next?When will she settle down to a recognizable style?   The answer is probably never as i tend to bend with every wind that blows.   Perhaps this is because I am married to a sailor.  Left to fend for myself and my children while he was away at sea, or being picked up and deposited in another country to face another culture, another climate, and again with my little extensions, the children to settle and acclimatize - an incredible start/stop life which encourages multiple new beginnings, while deserting previous trends.   
Visiting the Indian school we support in Tamil Nadu, South India , as we always do around January each year, and using it as a springboard to explore as yet unknown parts of this great country - I came back to the UK to re-think and re-assemble work for the Barbican exhibition in  April 2019 - an afterglow to our rewarding Indian journey, and what a pleasure it was to share the excitement and colour of India to friends and public alike with this show of paintings.
After this the ebb and flow of the tidal estuary beneath the windows of our home will take over as the spur to more work in this very special, rather damp, part of Pembrokeshire.   The only divergence may come in the occasional foray into creating protest images, driven by the harsh reality of continuous war in the Middle East with its horrific effects every day on people, and in particular - children