Welcome to Susan Sands' Virtual Gallery

With work ranging broadly from oil, acrylic and water colour paintings to original prints in a variety of media produced on her studio press, Susan has listed them, as far as possible, under subject matter (except for the prints).

From this wide base, she dispenses with a house style, (it is sometimes difficult to recognize a recent Susan Sands) preferring to use the technique best suited for a particular subject.


In the last 20 years, many visits to India, land of her birth, have led to a keen interest in the people, landscape and architecture of the country, with all its inspiring colour and pattern. Never without a small sketchbook, she develops her drawings into larger works once back in the studio

Approaches to Painting

Working in such a variety of media, Susan likes to experiment, borrowing from her printmaking skills to add texture to enliven the surface. As happy in an ‘on the spot’ painting to reflect the landscape in a fairly literal sense, as she is to develop a drawing in a more abstract way back in the studio; she enjoys an approach both flexible and explorative.


Susan’s prolific output reflects her constant search for the right media to express her ideas.

After a lifetime of travel and living abroad, her catalogue of examples of her work has been broken into categories which represent different themes.